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Pinegrove Inn, Dwight, ON.




Me and Dad Buck Lake.jpg
Policeman's Ball.JPG

Tim McGraw

Maple Leaf Gardens

Geyserland Country music.png
Valdy and Reg Benolt.JPG
Bring the Beat.JPG

Opening for Valdy - Port Sydney, ON

Valdy, Reg Benoit

CCMA Awards


Ronnie Prophet - Huntsville Arena




Tina and dad.jpg

Bring the Beat

G8 2010 - Huntsville



Denam and Lace.JPG
Dini Petty.JPG

Dini Petty
Dini Petty Show




promo 3 pic.jpg

Gyeserland Country Music - New Zealand



Terri and I.png

My dad and I
Muskoka Heritage Place, Huntsville




george and I.png

Denam and Lace




Pam Tillis.png
Patricia Conroy.png

Buck Lake, Buck Lake Cottages,

Ilfracombe, ON



Terri Clark - Calgary Stampede



promo 5.jpg

George Fox - Maple Leaf Gardens




Terri Clark Huntsville.jpg

Pam Tillis - Calgary Stampede




Deb and I Frankton.png

Patricia Conroy - Calgary Stampede




Paul split enz.png

Terri Clark, Algonquin Theatre - Huntsville, ON - 2011

Above: Fun at Frankton Thunder.

At Left: Hamilton Blues Society performance at Biddys, New Zealand.



couple and car frankton.png

Roger and Helen Bowie

Auckland, New Zealand



fmc together.jpg

Deborah Oldham - Kiwi Connextion Frankton, New Zealand



Mr. Mudslide.png

Paul "Emlyn" Crowther - Split Enz

 Auckland, New Zealand



Paula and Paul.png
Bill Ward.png

Mr. Mudslide, (Roger McLay)
Pirongia, New Zealand



Paul Verney and Her Honour, Mayor of Hamilton, New Zealand, Paula Southgate at Chiefs Rugby game.



After show with Flaming Mudcats
Auckland, New Zealand



Bill Ward - Human Instinct Tauranga, New Zealand



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