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She's passionate about her music; "it's like an addiction"

Tina Turley:Lives for music


An established country crooner with an unmistakable bluesy, rock n’ roll edge, Tina Turley is a vocal powerhouse who can envelop you and take you on a musical journey with her performance. 


Turley craves music right down to the depths of her heart and soul.

“It’s like an addiction,” she says. “You can’t shed it, you can’t break it, you can’t stop it. I couldn’t live without it. Wouldn’t want to. It feeds my entire being.”

And the road to her finding exactly where she stands as a musician in the  music scene – and ultimately where she wants to be – has been a “put-it-all-on-the-line”, challenging, emotional, “will you sacrifice everything”- but I wouldn’t change a thing… satisfying and rewarding journey.

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Laura MacLean

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A Little Bit More About T

Tina started singing when she was in grade school, at rec halls and talent contests around Ontario. She knew a few chords and a a handful of songs that she had taught herself to play on a beat up 6 string that belonged to her dad, that was given to him when he was young. "The strings were so far away from the fretboard it hurt like hell to play it. And it really did make the tips of my fingers bleed," Turley recalls vividly, shaking her left hand.


When Tina was in her early teens she was playing drums and singing with her father and his group at local pubs and Legions in the Sault Ste Marie then later the Muskoka/Parry Sound area.

By the time she was 19 she moved to Toronto and was hired to be the drummer and one of the lead singers in the all-girl band "Lace" that later became known as the trio "Denam and Lace."

Tina has had more than a taste of everything it takes and more that came with living on and off in Nashville back in the late 90s networking, songwriting and attaining publishing on a number of songs.

She has opened for and performed with such names as Tim McGraw, The Stampeders, Duane Steele, Carol Baker, Valdy,
Tommy Hunter, Terry Sumsion, Wendall Ferguson, Sweet Daddy Siki, Prairie Oyster, Ronnie Prophet, The Good Brothers and
Black Hawk to name a few.

Turley released her first EP in 1995 and received very positive feedback from the radio industry, in Canada, Europe, and the USA, charting in the top 10 and 20 with all 4 songs then following with the videos.

She was the first independent Canadian artist to have three music videos on medium rotation on Canadian Country Music Television (CMT).

Tina is so grateful to have had the opportunity to perform shows and festivals throughout Canada, the US and in the winter and spring of 2023 the North Island of New Zealand.
Those include Calgary Stampede, Klondike Days and Big Valley Jamboree, Alberta; Merritt Mountain Festival, British Columbia; International Plowing Match, Earlton, ON.; Policeman’s Ball at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON.; Bowiefest 2023, Pirongia Blues Festival,  Cambridge Autumn Festival, Frankton Thunder Festival, Woolshed in Cambridge, Davie's Cottage in Tittirangi, Tauranga, Rotorura, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Taupo, Huntly, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Here is where you can reach me:

Call: 705-788-4686 - Email:


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